Guitar Cabinets

Not just for speakers anymore...

Thank you for your interest in my art. It is a compliment that I take to heart.

My name is Mitch, a shortcut to my Sicilian tongue twister name, Micciche. Woodworking has always been a hobby, and I am pleased to see it as the basis of my labors of love in a retiremnt business / avocation.

Long ago, my wonderful wife gave me a rare and valuable guitar. You will see it in a lot of my images here, like the one above. Living in Colorado and being a guitarist, I knew all too well about moisture. I tried humidifiers in my home, but could not keep up.

Spongy things in my original guitar carrying cases left my fretboards to shrink.

I needed a reliable moisture control system in a small enclosure, now that I had a guitar worthy of the effort. I also needed a way to see and easily access my beautiful new guitar. At the time, I was an Aerospace Engineer. I overthought everything. I also did a lot of homework.